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Electrical Infrastructures

Legrand Ghana
Indoasian Ghana

Within the scope of Electrical Infrastructures, JMG Ghana is recognized as the authorized dealer for the renowned Legrand and Indoasian brands. They offer a wide range of electrical solutions including low volatge products, switchgears, power distribution equipment, cable management systems, solar systems, transformers, and lighting solutions along with wiring devices, catering to a variety of needs in the field.

JMG Ghana: Your Trusted Source for Legrand and Indoasian Electrical Infrastructure Solutions

Distribution boards

Our Range

Electrical Panels & Distribution Boards 

UPS & AVR Systems

Inverters & Batteries 

Switchgears Components

Cable Management solutions

PVC & Metal Trunking 

Floor Boxes and Workstation systems

Cable Trays and Ladders

Busbar Trunking Systems

Solar Systems

Wiring devices


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